About B Poodles

 Our Home My name is Barbara Thornton, but I have been known all my life as "Barbie".  I was born and raised in San Diego, California.  I worked 37 years at Scripps Hospital and retired in 2008.  My dream was always to have enough land where I could have lots of animals.  In 2008, my dream became reality and my family, including all my Standard Poodles moved to Valley Center, Ca. which is in San Diego County.  We purchased a beautiful home with 2.5 acres.  I now have of course oodles of Standard Poodle puppies but I also have alpacas, chickens and a huge aviary with assorted game birds and water fowl.  Its lots of work caring for all these wonderful creatures, but I consider it a labor of love, they give me so much love and pleasure.  It's a life style, certainly not for everyone, but for me it's a dream come true.

I love all animals, but Standard Poodles are my passion.  I wouldn't call my breeding program a "kennel" as all my Standard Poodle puppies and their puppies are raised in the home.  If you know Standard Poodles, you know they want to be with their family.  If you are outside they want to be outside, but no matter how much fun they are having, romping around, when you go back in your house, then they are ready to join you inside.

I call my breeding program B Poodles.  Simply the Best.  I keep it simple and small so my puppies get all the attention they need.   I breed for health, conformation, temperament, longevity and of course beauty.  I have now expanded to breeding Parti Poodles because I love their uniqueness. 

Although I have not been into the showing part of poodle breeding, I do breed Standard Poodle puppies with champion lines and have produced some stunning show quality dogs.  I am more into the sporting activities with my Standard Poodles and when I don't have a litter, my pack of Standard Poodles and I like to do agility, obedience, dock jumping, lure coursing and flyball.  I like to keep my family happy and active.  Recently I have taken two handling, conformation  classes and attended a dog show.  I am seriously considering showing my stud dog "Brystle"..

 Poodles are Perfect, they fit right in! I have plenty of love to give all my puppies and since they are whelped and raised right in the middle of the house, they are well socialized right from the start.  All my puppies are handled and played with daily both individually and as a litter.  They get individual attention and are groomed and spoiled on a daily basis.  All puppies come pre spoiled and basic training is started here.  Standard Poodle puppies are so intelligent; it's amazing how fast they learn. 

I love talking "poodle" and almost all the people I have provided a new family member to have kept in contact and some have become great friends.  I am always willing to talk and help and promise to be a resourse to you forever.