Valley Center Veterinary Clinic


Dr. Natasha Clarke writes:
I have the pleasure of workin~ with Barbara Thornton as her primary veterinarian in Valley Center, California. She is a revered and reputable dog breeder who has produced top quality standard poodles. I have examined her females and all her litters for several years and they all possess impeccable temperaments. "Barbie" as we know her, takes diligent care of all her dogs by providing routine vet check-ups, deworming and vaccinations in a timely, organized manner. Any vet care that is recommended, she readily pursues.

An admirable quality Barbie possesses is her focus on superior pet health and finding great homes. It is clear when you meet her that she adores all these babies and she won't settle for anything but the perfect home. For all the heart she pours into these animals, it is easy to see how these puppies become so sweet, beautiful, healthy and well socialized.

One day I will be lucky enough to have one ...


Sharon and Randy from Redondo Beach, Ca writes:
Our sweet Scarlet is amazing. From her sweet disposition, gentleness, and intelligence to her playfulness, confidence and calmness, she is the perfect poodle and perfect dog for our family. Even the trainer that is helping us is amazed at how she is social with all people & dogs, tolerant with my toddler's touch, independent playing by herself, and calm with loud noises. Scarlet has been home for two weeks now and already each day gets better & better. We are thrilled to have Scarlet as our new puppy.

The whole selection process was incredible. Barbie ultimately selected Scarlet for us after meeting my two daughters (11 and 4 years), husband and me. She understood what we were hoping for and knew each puppy well. She was the perfect matchmaker.

We feel so blessed finding B Poodles and meeting Barbie. There is no doubt that Barbie loves and takes great care of her dogs. It is evident in how she took care of us. She answered all of our questions as first time dog owners and coached us along. I truly believe that Scarlet's transition home was seamless because of Barbie's support.

Thank you, Barbie, for all of your love with Scarlet and with us. My next question is ... when is the right time to get another one of your puppies so Scarlet has a constant playmate?

Vivien Leigh

Vivien Leigh
Vivien Leigh

Dr. Shauntelle Gallaher, DMV, Canine Reproduction Center of Florida writes:
I am head over heels for this baby!!! She has exceeded my expectations in every way!

She is more than stunning from expression to structure. Better yet, her personality is beyond compare. After all day in a crate in airplanes and such, the little doll came out wagging her tail and kissing on everyone. She has not missed a beat since she arrived - the picture of calm confidence. She loves the kids and the other dogs. They all play as if she's been here forever. She fussed a bit in her crate her first night (much less than I anticipated) but calmed down quickly and it's been smooth sailing ever since.

I am so impressed with this puppy and so grateful that I found you. You are certainly doing it right! I want a house full of these.


Rick and Judy from San Clemente writes:
We are the happy owners of one of B Poodles’ standard poodle puppies. We have had our puppy for two months, however, we bonded with her long before we took her home. Barbie allowed us to visit our puppy when she was only four weeks old. We were able to visit with the puppy each week, which made her transition to our home quite easy.

We are also very impressed with the effort Barbie puts into ensuring her dogs have a pleasant disposition. This puppy is our third standard poodle puppy. While we loved the other two very much, we have to admit that this puppy is the best puppy we have had. She loves everyone she meets, and she is excellent with dogs. She learns very quickly, and is eager to please. She has brought us much joy and love.

If you are interested in a standard poodle puppy, you will be very pleased with Barbie and her puppies.

Rick and Judy Rowe
San Clemente, CA


Becca from Northern Ca writes:

I recently had a client in search of a Standard Poodle. This was a special client, close friends, 2 small boys and a mom who grew up in the Amazon and not only had never had a pet but after a bad experience with a dog was afraid of them. They suffered a violent home invasion and after several months decided a large dog would help them feel more secure, however as a very clean homemaker dog hair around the house was not an option.  So we looked at Standard Poodles, not the first breed most people think of when they are looking for protection, however with years of experience showing, training and loving dogs and after owning a Miniature Poodle myself I knew this was the perfect breed for them. 

After searching for a breeder who did genetic testing and was breeding for temperament as much as confirmation, we were not looking for a show dog, but a family companion, we found Barbie of B Poodles.

I called and spoke to Barbie, my clients had already visited a breeder in our local area just to spend some time with the dogs and make sure it was what they wanted so we knew when we drove down we wanted to bring a pup home.  Barbie does the  genetic testing we were looking for to help insure that we would have a healthy dog that could provide years of love for these special clients. 

When we arrived we found a beautiful home at the top of the mountains with breathtaking views, then we went in house and started meeting the dogs. First mom and dad, both who were very friendly and social. Then we started meeting pups, we had a couple we know we liked from looking at pics online and my discussions with Barbie regarding temperament. I found the puppies to be very much as she described them and soon Jayjay was selected as the pup for my client. 

I have shown dogs for 30 years and been blessed to show all over the world including two world shows with my last show dog, many breeders do not take the time to really work with their individual puppies, but Barbie presented us with puppies well used to being handled, feet, ears, eyes, tails your could pet any part of the pup or pretend to clip nails and they were comfortable with it all.

Barbie allowed us plenty of time to talk, get to know the pups and make our final selection. We drove down from Northern Ca. and the puppy was in for a long drive home, not always easy with a 9 week old pup. However this guy chosen for his more laid back attitude was great. At one pitstop a large semi truck started up not 10 feet from him with a very loud rumble, but after being raised in a loving home he was not at all fearful, just confident and curious.

Jayjay has done wonderful, he is not a bit over 4 months and is doing well on potty training, is learning to socialize with both large and small dogs in a polite manner and is learning to respect cats as well. I have had the pleasure of having him in my home for 1 week visits twice and am thrilled with how great he makes me look! He goes home each time with new tricks to show his family. He sits, downs, walks on his leash, potties in the designated area of my yard and his owners is learning rollover, high five and fetch. 

He also waits in a sit when you open his kennel door until you attach his leash and when it is time to go back in his kennel he enters on command and sits to wait while you remove his leash and close his door.

Jayjay has gone to the groomers and they were shocked that he allowed clipping a full puppy clip for his first time without prior clipper experience. I also clipped Jayjay at my home to help protect him from all the stickers on our farm and he was a good boy. He has also been great on the farm and loves kissing horse muzzles. He sits with the two boys who love him in the car and loves to go on car rides. He is learning how to play with young children as his two boys are almost 2 and 5, nothing tougher than trying to train toddlers and a puppy at the same time but with his intelligence and eagerness to learn with positive reinforcement Jayjay is doing great.

Thank you Barbie for helping me to help my friends find a pup that not only with protect their family, but love them and be a member of their family.

Phoebe Tribute


Portia from San Diego, Ca Writes:
When I first met Phoebe, she was only three weeks old. It was love at first sight. Phoebe is an incredibly loving poodle. Even as a pup, she was curious and alert. She adapted immediately to her new environment when she was old enough for us to bring her home. She was easy to house train and quickly found the doggy door. Her best friend is our six year old poodle, Sabine, and she plays nicely with other animals she meets. Phoebe is without a doubt a show-stopper. When we are out walking with her, people stop their cars to tell us how beautiful she is. She, in my opinion, could easily outshine the dogs at Westminster. Her temperament is gentle and she is happiest when close to her humans. Although Phoebe shows absolutely no signs of aggression, she is a good alarm dog. Phoebe is smart, playful, funny and a wonderful loving addition to our clan. We are very fortunate to have one of Barbie’s Standard Poodle puppies, and Phoebe is the perfect dog for us.

Cheryle from San Diego, Ca Writes:
Not even going to try - because it would be Ditto Ditto Ditto to describe our precious and lovable - loving Phoebe. Our Standard Poodle puppy turns heads and stops traffic on each walk - or even in the car! Like Maggie - Phoebe stays in the lamb cut and is even more stunning when just back from the Groomers! Her coat is fabulous and again like Maggie - Phoebe has been a very healthy Standard Poodle. She plays well with others - all kinds of others ….especially her pal Sabine, our other Standard Poodle who is six. What can I say other than if the Standard Poodle puppy is from Barbie's Poodle Palace it will be FABULOUS!

Benny and Jynx

Benny and Jynx
Benny and Jynx

Dana from New York Writes:
The two Standard Poodle puppies, Benny and Jynx, that we bought from you are the happiest healthiest dogs. Here, in these pictures, they are about one year old. You can see the confirmation is spot on. I highly recommend your breeding program as their temperament is so friendly. These Standard Poodle puppies are extremely trainable and intelligent. They are not anxious. They are angels and gentle around children. I can't express in words just how terrific these two dogs are. I dare say they are perfect! Please feel free to contact me and I'm happy to talk to any of your prospective clients about my dogs. Thanks Barbie!



Andrew and Pati from Carpinteria, Ca Writes:
Here are some pix of Maggie. None are particularly recent (and the two head shots were taken not long after we got her). But she was beautiful then and is beautiful now. She's a head-turner, even if most people have never seen a red Standard Poodle and so think she's some kind of "doodle." And, no fancy haircuts for Maggie. As you can see, she LOVES the ocean. In fact, I had her at the beach today and she was actually leaping over waves positively lab-like trying and reach me.

What can we say about Maggie that we haven't already told you.

She's a fabulous, gentle, incredibly lovable, intelligent and sometimes amusingly or, depending on the situation, frustratingly (sorry, but we have to be honest) stubborn puppy, with oodles of love and not a nasty bone in her body. She has an exceptionally soft mouth and we've actually never once heard her growl, and so we have absolutely no hesitation in letting her play with small children, other dogs and our cats (not chickens, though - she seems to think they are chew toys, a habit we need to break her of).

She's very playful and athletic - loves to play tug of war, keep-away, fetch and rough-house with her best friend, Motor the cat - but, at the same time, her essential disposition is exceedingly even and placid and she's quite independent (almost cat-like in some respects) - not at all hyper or clingy or in need of constant attention. Unquestionably, her outstanding temperament is in large part testament to the love and socialization she received early on from you.

She's also been very healthy, experiencing no illnesses of any kind. Indeed, a couple of months ago she was playing near some barbed wire and became hooked and tore up her left foreleg pretty badly at the elbow. The doctor at the emergency hospital we took her to failed to properly clean out the wound before suturing it and a month later she required surgery to remove large chunks of gravel and road base from her joint and the surrounding tissue. When the surgeon saw the amount and size of the debris that needed to be removed, he marveled at her constitution and the fact that she showed absolutely no sign of infection and what could have been a very serious situation seems to have been entirely averted.

Bottom line, we couldn't be happier or love Maggie more, and we'd be pleased to elaborate on the above or to introduce Maggie to anyone seriously considering one of your Standard Poodle puppies.